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The activities of the online casino in some countries are prohibited or strictly controlled by leading bodies. Fortunately, there is an excellent and safe option without special risks – the use of a mirror. Almost every major game site has a mirror, and PIN-UP804 is no exception. PIN AP – a gaming portal that is widely popular among real gamers in Russia.

What you need to know about the mirror of the casino online PIN AP?

Online casino mirror is a site that is an exact copy of the official portal with an identical design and a set of functions. But the only difference is that the emergency site has another email address. That is, in order to get on the mirror Pin AP Casino, you need to enter a different address into the browser or go through the official link on the main page. The main reason for the players will need to go to the mirror is the blocking or limited work of the official portal. At the same time, on the mirror, all your personal data, including an account, information about money transfers and your rates will remain, and will be automatically updated.

What can be done on a PIN-up mirror of a casino online?

https://practicalcoding.in/pinupcasino-mirror/ »

The main feature of the casino mirror is that it is completely identical to the official site. Here is the same functionality, so you can not even immediately notice that you are on the mirror. On the PIN-up casino mirror you can:

– go to your personal account;

– use bonuses, promotional codes, participate in promotions and special offers;

pin-up casino

– Contact the support service if you have any questions or problems;

– replenish the game account and request the withdrawal of funds;

– bet and play your favorite games.

Speaking briefly, then on the mirror you can do all the actions in the usual format and perform all those tasks that are available on the main official resource PIN UP casino. There are no restrictions or special conditions here. To go to the mirror, you do not need to re -register, it is enough just to enter the login and password.

How to get on a mirror casino online PIN AP?

It is important to understand that the mirror is a reserve site, and it is not sense to use it constantly to use it. With the exception of those situations when the main site is overloaded and you need to free a little, unload it. For this, the casino owners redirect a certain number of people to the reserve site of the casino PIN AP.

But you can get to the mirror automatically only in certain situations. In most cases, you need to independently enter the site address or follow the official link. Many casinos are worried about their users in advance, so they send them the address of the backup site to a personal account or through a mailing list by e -mail.

The mirror of the official website PIN AP Casino is a great opportunity to enjoy your favorite games in case of blocking the main game resource.

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